Trombonist, Sea Shells, Vocalist, Composer


July 2-Stafford Hunter & Funk Jazz Explorations at Charles R. Cousins Plaza (Denver)

July 3-Sonic Explorations: Chris Ferrari + Stafford Hunter Quintet Dazzle (Denver)

July 11-Camille Thurman-Green w/Stafford Hunter at Dazzle (Denver)

July 14-Stafford Hunter's Young Lion Series Part 3 at Dazzle (Denver) 

July 21-Stafford Hunter's Young Lion Series Part 4 at Dazzle (Denver)

check shows at the top of the page for my schedule.

July 11-Performing with Saxophone/Vocal sensation Camille Thurman-Green at Dazzle Jazz Club (Denver) for MLB All-Star Game weekend.